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NSType is a type system that exemplifies both the sonic and the visual. It began as the typographic voice of the annual Nuit Sonores festival in Lyon, portraying both the sounds and the sights of an event that celebrates creative innovation in all its forms – from electronic music to forward-thinking design and architecture.

French design studio Superscript² developed the fonts over the course of three years in connection with their evolving identity for Nuit Sonores. The typographic model is simple, almost primitive: monolinear caps built on a rigid, grid-based structure. It is in the letters’ unusual strokes that the type’s personality is revealed. In NSType Mono, lines are divided at rhythmic intervals, evoking sounds, beats, music. In NSType, segments are replaced with architectural forms derived from familiar venues and landmarks throughout the city of Lyon. Words set in NSType tend to convey a sense of abandoning norms, of breaking the rules and inventing new ones. It is an illustrative type family that can communicate a cluster of culture and ideas without any additional imagery – or even without writing any words at all.

Expanded for retail release, NSType and NS Type Mono are now available for public licensing from BAT Foundry. Each subfamily has two fonts (A and B) with two different styles found in the upper- and lowercase slots (the lowercase being solid). This collection adds up to eight mixable variations of every capital letter, offering an array of instruments for striking myriad tones.

Design: Superscript². Team: Muriel Serf, Florent Pierre, Quentin Schmerber, Jean-Baptiste Levée.

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